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For decades, the Climate Institute has fostered the development of emerging leaders in the environmental movement by providing unique opportunities for innovation, project management, and creativity. The North American Supergrid Initiative is an outstanding example of this vision, and has been rooted in intergenerational collaboration from the start.

Students and recent graduates from around the world (many working on a pro-bono basis) have driven the technical, regulatory, economic, and security research that has made this brief a reality, guided by leading experts in many sectors of industry, academia, and government. This winning combination ensures that the crucial task of mitigating and adapting to climate change is nurtured as the next generation of leaders take their place in the ranks of society.

Chief Editor: Brian Fowler

Co-editors: Rudy Baum, Amanda Borth, Rachel Levine, Joshua McBee

Steering Committee

Chair: Charles ‘Charlie’ Bayless

Charles Bayless is the retired CEO of Illinois Power and Tucson Electric as well as the retired President and Provost of the West Virginia University Institute of Technology and a Board Member of the Climate Institute. Mr. Bayless has a BSEE and MSEE in Electric Power Transmission Engineering and a JD, all from West Virginia University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Other Committee Members:

Roger Ballentine (President, Green Strategies Inc.)

Richard Beeman (Retired Chairman, The Private Trust Company, N.A.)

William R. Harris (Secretary, Foundation for Resilient Societies; Former Legal Advisor, Congressional EMP Commission)

John Noel (President, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy)

Tim Petri (former Congressman, Wisconsin’s 6th congressional district)

Scott Sklar (Owner, The Stella Group LTD)

Carol Werner (Executive Director, Environmental & Energy Study Institute)

Special thanks to Our Chairman, Sir Crispin Tickell, and his son, Oliver Tickell (former Editor of The Ecologist), for their counsel throughout the duration of this initiative.

We thank the following individuals for their guidance in their respective fields

Charles Bayless (former CEO of Tucson Electric and Illinois Power; former President of the West Virginia University Instituteof Technology)

Dr. David S. Bunch (Professor of Management, University of California – Davis)

Dr. George H. Baker (Professor Emeritus, James Madison University; Director, Foundation for Resilient Societies)

Kevin Edgett (Director of Contract Administration, Power Contracting LLC)

Michele Fetting (Nonprofit Consultant)

Mark Frankel (There’s A Word for That Communications & Editorial Services)

Rob Gramlich (Founder and President, Grid Strategies LLC)

William R. Harris (Secretary, Foundation for Resilient Societies; Former Legal Advisor, Congressional EMP Commission)

Dr. Michael MacCracken (Chief Scientist, Climate Institute)

Gueta Mezzetti (President, Mezzetti & Associates; previously 17-year tenure at the Pentagon)

Samuel Sherer (Senior Fellow, Climate Institute)

Gib Sorebo (Chief Cybersecurity Technologist, Leidos)

Ross Tyler (Strategy & Development Advisor, Business Network for Offshore Wind)

Jack Werner (Senior Fellow, Climate Institute)


We thank the following Undergraduate Research Fellows for their diligent research efforts pertaining to the North American Supergrid initiative

Michael Damasco

Arianna Efstatos

Anna Gomes

Sarah Holland

Hayley Ann Hoverter-Trujillo

Erika Koontz

Michael Damasco

Arianna Efstatos

Anna Gomes

Sarah Holland

David Astley

Benjamin Bryce

Diego Calderon-Arrieta

Megan Egan

Stefan Fernandez

Hayley Ann Hoverter-Trujillo

Erika Koontz

Kiana Outen

Anne Joost

Nisheeth Kakarala

Aoife Leonard

Xin Li

Jeffrey Morgan

Caroline Polly

Katie Walker

Charlie Xu

Philip Reid-Green

Jake Schwartz

Daniel Schwiebert

Tobyn Smith

Lu Wang

We thank the following Graduate Research Fellows for their diligent research efforts pertaining to the North American Supergrid initiative

Our project partners include

Citizens’ Climate Lobby – DC Chapter

Copper Development Association

GridStrategies LLC

Insight Engineering

Intertribal Council on Utility Policy

Les Grands Explorateurs and Martin International

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Spire Global, Inc.

Stella Group LTD

Union of Concerned Scientists

Washington College (Geographic Information System Program)

Worldwatch Institute

We thank the following ‘Friends of the Supergrid’ for their generous support throughout the duration of this initiative

Chair: Robert M. Pennoyer, Esq., New York, NY

Canadian Co-Chair: Serge Martin, Montreal, Quebec

Dartmouth College Class of 1964

William C. Bullitt Foundation

Josiah Lee Auspitz, Allston, MA

Robert Bartles, Meriden, NH

Richard Beeman, Esq., Vero Beach, FL

Rosina Bierbaum, PhD., Ann Arbor, MI

Peter V. Baugher, Esq., Chicago, IL

 Jesse Brill, Esq., Oakland, CA

William E. Craig, Esq., Savannah. GA

Devra Lee Davis, Ph.D., M.P.H., Jackson Hole, WY

William A. Davis, Jr., Esq., Washington, DC

Reid Detchon, Washington, DC

Jay Freedman, Esq., Washington DC

Rob Gramlich, Washington, DC

Chuck and Barbara Herz, Moose, WY

Paul Hoff, Esq., Washington, DC

Lee and Berna Huebner, Washington, DC

Lawrence S. Jackier, Esq., Bloomfield Hills, MI

Richard Kessler, Great Falls, VA

Hon. Joseph I. Lieberman, US Senator (retired)

Curtis W. Little, Jr., Esq., Manchester, NH

Loren McGean, Meriden, NH

John Menke, Esq., Oakland, CA

Ray Peters, Ph. D., Kingston, Ontario

Christopher Palmer, CPA, Weston, MA

Christy Pennoyer, New York, NY

John R. Price and Svetlana S. Price, Pittsburgh, PA

Harold Rabner, Esq., Montclair, NJ

Dorothy L. Raizman, Ligonier, PA

Terry P. Segal, Esq., Gloucester, MA

Stephen Sharfstein, MD, Baltimore, MD

Michael C. Smith, Esq., Washington, DC

Steven Smith, DVM, Knoxville, TN

William Roger Strelow, Esq., Corona del Mar, CA

Harvey Tettlebaum, Esq., California, MO

Antony Vaz, PE, Largo, MD

Melinda Welton, Franklin, TN

Huntley Whitacre, Hanover, NH

Lyndon A. S. Wilson, Esq., Portland, OR